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Bankruptcy and Restructuring

The Court has appointed our lawyers, Zuhaila Arendsz-Marchena and David Wever, as bankruptcy trustees (in Dutch: curators) in many bankruptcies in various lines of business. Upon appointment we assess the financial standings of the bankrupt company and we investigate the legality of (recent) transactions. We also assess whether the management directors may be held liable for mismanagement. In the event that a restart of the company is not possible, we are responsible for the liquidation (winding up) of the company’s assets. We also collect outstanding amounts from debtors (if any), by taking court action if necessary and prudent.

We use our broad experience as bankruptcy trustees to represent both corporate and individual clients, including companies in distress, in bankruptcy and in reorganization matters. AMDC Law also represents secured and unsecured creditors by submitting claims with the bankruptcy trustee or by advising on and assisting with foreclosures. Furthermore, we represent clients in proceedings regarding claims, foreclosures, repossessions, defense in fraudulent transaction claims and defense of managing directors in liability claims and other court proceedings.

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