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Debt Collection

Every day persons enter into millions of agreements, where one party promises to pay a monetary compensation in exchange for services and/or products. When this promise is broken, this can have serious financial consequences for the party providing services and/or products. AMDC Law assists small to large companies, including a sizable telecommunication company, with the collection of one or hundreds of debts. We have a hands on and persistent approach to ensure maximum yield.

We perform assets search investigation in conjunction with a Bailiff. If it becomes necessary, we will place pre-judgment attachments (in Dutch: beslag) on the assets of the debtor, such as inter alia: bank attachment, third party attachment including salary attachment, attachment on shares, movable property attachment and immovable property attachment. After placing the attachment, we will file a claim with the Court on behalf of our clients to obtain a Court order for payment. After obtaining the Court order, we shall continue with the post-judgment collection efforts.

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