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Labor Law

AMDC Law represents clients across all industries in a wide range of labor matters, including drafting and reviewing labor agreements, advising on immediate dismissals, wrongful termination litigation, severance package negotiations, negotiations with labor unions, strike support and litigation.

Employment relationships in the Dutch Caribbean are generally governed by collective labor agreements, by individual labor agreements and by the employers’ internal regulations (if any). However, employers must take into account that much of the labor laws as applicable on the various Dutch Caribbean islands are mandatory. Furthermore, the applicable civil codes in the Dutch Caribbean jurisdictions award employees extensive protection against unilateral termination of the labor agreement by the employer.

Not adhering to the mandatory labor laws and/or not taking the restrictions against unilateral termination into account may result in substantial monetary exposure for the employer. Therefore, it is vital for the employer to seek legal advice prior to any hiring or any termination of a labor agreement.

AMDC Law brings legal and practical experience to the table for successful hiring and termination of labor agreements, should that become necessary. Although our focus is on advising the employer, we regularly apply our experiences to assist employees in labor disputes.

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